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Mobile App Developers

Kuala Lumpur

Mobile App Developers
21st November 2022 10T Tech Careers
10T Tech Careers
In Careers, Kuala Lumpur

10T Tech is looking for experienced app developers who have a record of accomplishment in creating high-quality mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Harmony.

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10T Tech is an innovation leader who is delivering cutting-edge eSIM solutions to a global customer base. eSIM is set to revolutionize the way Mobile Operators acquire new customers and allow Mobile Operators to deliver truly digital customer experiences.

Do you understand modern cloud-based architectures and rapid agile development practices? If so, then help us build the software that is powering the eSIM revolution.

Job description

  • Candidates should be familiar with the entire process from developing in the test environment through submission until available in the App Stores. They will also be familiar with ongoing maintenance support cycles as security updates and new OS versions are introduced.
  • Candidates should be able to write native code for Andriod and iOS in Swift or Kotin, but also multi-platform tools as well such as Flutter. Our environment uses a hybrid approach, and we support customers of our products using multiple app development environments.


  • The App developer must have user experience knowledge and experience, as well as be familiar with developing professional, high-quality business mobile apps.
  • The candidate should have experience with Service Provider apps and be familiar with creating and working with Carrier Bundles and Carrier Partner only APIs.
  • The app developer will be familiar with back-end infrastructure which we will host in AWS, experience developing back-end infrastructure on AWS is preferred but will be supported by the broader team where needed.
  • Experience with Payment Gateway and KYC Gateway integration.
  • A computer science degree and/or similar and relevant experience required

*Must be a Malaysian citizen or have the right to work in Malaysia.

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