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Reasons to choose 10T Tech as your preferred eSIM partner

Zero setup, hosting and maintenance fees

10T Tech’s commercial value proposition means we share the risk with you.

With 10T Tech there is no setup fee, not annual hosting fee, no annual maintenance fee, and in most cases no profile development fee.

Compared to some other vendors this can mean a saving of over USD 50,000 initially, with an annual saving of approximately USD 40,000

Transaction only charging

With 10T Tech you only pay for the eSIM downloads your customers make. We also do not charge you for profile creation or profile storage, so you can load as many profiles as you want into the eSIM platform, and 10T Tech will only invoice you at the end of the month for the eSIM downloads your subscribers make.

We also offer PrePaid options that will allow substantial discounts on the Pay as you Use model.


Go-To-Market features delivering eSIM to your subscribers on Day 1

10T Tech has developed a custom made Platform Management and Customer Service User Interface that not only allows you full control of the eSIM platform, but also gives you a suite of advanced features and functionality to allow you to launch eSIM fast with a differentiated service.

Here is a summary of the features and functionality included in My10T:

  • eSIM Profile Management
  • QR Voucher Campaign Manager
  • Group QR Code Manager
  • Device Analytics
  • Multi-Tenant Setup with Grouping
  • Change of Profile Reuse Policy Setting
  • Send QR code and/or vouchers directly to end user via email
  • Bulk QR Generation
  • Reporting – Detailed Download Report, Group QR Report,
  • Inventory of all Profiles and many more
  • Auto EID Blacklist
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Customer Support and Case Management

*All features are available during the free of charge, no commitment POC. *Some features may require an annual subscription to My10T Premium

Free, no commitment POC setup in under 7 days

Why just have a demonstration of a platform when you can have a full, free of charge, no commitment, Proof of Concept, setup with your own profiles in only a few days!!

10T Tech is the only eSIM infrastructure provider that offers all potential clients a full Proof of Concept for up to 90 days allowing you to fully understand consumer eSIM, its customer journey and whether it’s a service you’re ready to launch to your market and subscribers. During the POC our entire team is available to support you with any technical or commercial enquiries, so not only are you testing the eSIM platform, you’re also testing us.

*Access to the POC is subject to all necessary technical information being made available to 10T Tech. Details of which will be discussed during the POC Setup call.

Once you have seen the power of consumer eSIM in combination with the technical and value proposition 10T Tech can offer you as a mobile carrier, we’re confident you’ll chose us as your partner to embark on this digital journey to the world of eSIM.

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