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Smart Subscription Management

The arrival of eSIM has made many operators anxious, as it’s a big upheaval to their existing operations model and they lose customer contact when subscribers don’t need to enter a high street store to get a plastic SIM card.

However the device manufacturers, led by Apple, are pushing through this transformation forcefully so operators need to turn this threat into an opportunity or get left behind.

Device Entitlement Service

As our personal digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables become ever more complex, OEM’s are continuously looking for ways to personalise and differentiate their device offerings that fall outside the rules as defined by GSMA ratification bodies. Driven by Apple and Alphabet, and in conjunction with leading device OEM’s, this has led to the standardisation of a new core network ecosystem platform called a Device Entitlement Solution.

Professional Services

At 10T Tech, we strive in providing best services to our clients for seamless use of our products. To ensure that, we do offer various professional services such as Consulting Services on API use, Mobile App Development including App customization and SDK, and ES2+ Application and Integration.



Our goal is to ensure clients have best understanding of our offered products and service. And we are here to guide you on a successful journey with 10T Tech. As such, we do provide remote and on-site trainings conducted by subject matter experts. The trainings vary from general understanding of eSIM, products’ how-to, guide on features and functionalities and on cases-by-cases basis as per client’s request.

eSIM Alliance

A completely new and disruptive platform that will enable and empower smaller MNOs and MVNOs by helping them develop commercial relationships with their peers around the world in a way that hasn’t been possible before eSIM.

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