Optimise operational flexibility with 10T Tech’s Multl IMSI Applet for Consumer eSIM

Optimise operational flexibility with 10T Tech’s Multl IMSI Applet for Consumer eSIM
25th July 2022 10T Tech Team
10T Tech Team

Mobility comes with the need for connectivity. That puts Multi IMSI top on the list of importance for a mobile carrier seeking to maximise consumer connectivity when roaming. But what if a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) can offer all the benefits of seamless roaming connectivity and more with an eSIM?

10T Tech brings you a breakthrough in eSIM technology, being one of the first major eSIM solution vendors to introduce a fully compatible and proven Multi IMSI applet specifically designed and tested for eSIM. Give your mobile carrier the edge of flexibility, cost savings and seamless switching capabilities and stay ahead of the curve.

IMSI or Multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identities is a unique number stored in the SIM that allows a subscriber to access the MNO’s network and any network the MNO has established roaming agreements with.

10T Tech’s Multi IMSI applet, designed for the consumer eSIM is a proven working solution that promotes synchronised operations with the applet. This breakthrough technology comes from painstaking hours of intensive trials as we merged our expertise as a leading provider of eSIM technology with our partner, a multi-IMSI applet expert.

Consumer eSIM is not commonly designed to work with applets, but we have perfected the solution to provide you seamless switching when your subscribers leave the home PLMN and requires roaming capabilities.

A better Multi IMSI experience altogether

10T Tech’s Multi IMSI Applet reduces the interconnection and roaming costs by maintaining a single or multiple contracts with independent roaming sponsors. This lowers your operation costs and lets you offer attractive and competitive rates to zero-in on your customers’ roaming requirement.

It requires only one single eSIM profile used by the subscriber, while the IMSIs are optimised based on country or other criteria. The multi-IMSI application uses a configuration file stored in the SIM file system for defining profile configuration parameters such as Name, IMSI, Ki, authentication algorithm (and optionally: SPN, SMSC, PLMN and FPLMN lists).

The application can support up to a maximum of 16 profiles/IMSI per eSIM profile and it is defined during the creation of the eSIM input file. It offers superior User Experience through full automatic activation of the IMSI account, application menu personalisation, and notification mechanism.

The authentication algorithms include: 2G comp128 v2/v3, 3G milenage. These configuration files can be updated remotely via OTA / Subscription Man.

What the 10T Tech Multi IMSI experience gives you

Quick service launch is a key feature of the Multi IMSI applet. The technology is being successfully rolled out and while a custom BAP needs 12 – 16 weeks to be developed and tested to be successfully loaded into the applet, 10T Tech will do it in just 4-8 weeks.

Be privy to a licensing fee that is significantly lower than the industry standards. The Multi-IMSI Applet Licensing comes as an unlimited Site license at a one-time only fee. In addition, there will be an annual Multi IMSI applet maintenance fee that will cover upgrades and continual support of the applet, including an 8×5 support line for assistance.

The 10T Tech Multi IMSI Applet has been successfully tested on latest devices, both on the Android and iOS platform.

So if you are looking for best-fit solutions that help you be more productive, competitive and future-ready, embrace the future in telecommunications technology. As the world moves away from old 20th century plastics SIMs, the of future of eSIM technology has arrived. With 10T Tech’s Multi IMSI Applet for Consumer eSIM that defies the odds to bring you seamless synchronisation of eSIM and applet, be the carrier of choice.