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iPhone 14 eSIM Only – 14 Benefits of eSIM

iPhone 14 eSIM Only – 14 Benefits of eSIM
13th September 2022 10T Tech Team
10T Tech Team

Author: Michael Poffenberger

According to the GSMA1, as of June 2022, 127 eSIM devices were available in the market. However, despite the relatively slow adoption of eSIM since its first launch by Apple in 2017, there are clear signs that adoption of eSIM and eSIM only devices is reaching a tipping point. Driven by the increased digitalization of operators and launches of eSIM capable devices, eSIM is a generational shift in how operators and consumers will interact. And, with the pending availability of the recently announced eSIM only Apple iPhones in the US market (with others soon to follow) now is the time to make sure that you’re ready for the eSIM revolution.

While the transition to eSIM is growing exponentially, it is important to understand the benefits and opportunities that eSIM has to offer. And further, to start incorporating these opportunities into business strategies going forward. These benefits include:

Lower Costs:

  1. No more legacy SIM cards and associated costs and logistics
  2. Lower customer acquisition costs
  3. Lower activation and supports costs

Ability to drive greater utilization of digital distribution channels / new acquisition and retention models:

  1. QR code
  2. Mobile App
  3. In-store digital
  4. Easier integration of 3rd party resellers and distributors
  5. Flexibility to offer new acquisition tactics (for example, travel subscriptions and trial offers)
  6. New digital services and customer experiences
  7. Simplified international roaming services
  8. Increased ease of add-on subscriptions for additional lines / devices (which reduces subscriber churn)
  9. Enhanced device and customer support, management and reporting capabilities
  10. Enhanced security versus physical SIMs
  11. Appeal to digital first consumers

As the eSIM revolution gains momentum, 10T Tech, the foremost authority on all things eSIM, stands ready to help you get started with, refine and perfect your eSIM strategies and go to market plans. The time and opportunity to get started is now … contact us to learn about eSIM Made Simple.

1 GSMA Intelligence, “eSIM: market progress, consumer behaviour and adoption to 2030”, July 2022

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