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Senior MEAN Stack Software Engineer

Kuala Lumpur

Senior MEAN Stack Software Engineer
21st November 2022 10T Tech Careers
10T Tech Careers
In Careers, Kuala Lumpur

10T Tech is hiring a senior software engineer to be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to support a growing Agile MEAN stack development team in the AWS cloud environment.

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10T Tech is an innovation leader who is delivering innovative eSIM solutions to a global customer base. eSIM is set to revolutionize the way Mobile Operators acquire new customers and allow Mobile Operators to deliver truly digital customer experiences.

Do you understand modern cloud-based architectures and rapid agile development practices? If so, then help us build the software that is powering the eSIM revolution.

Job description

  • Candidates will work as software engineers on front and back-end micro services supporting customer and internal-facing web and mobile applications.
  • Candidates will report to the Head of Development and the Chief Development Officer.
  • Candidates will proactively assist the Head of Development with achieving whatever goals are set out by 10T Tech’s leadership team.
  • Candidates will work collaboratively as a team both within the development team, and cross functionally with internal and external stakeholders to build value added systems and software
  • Candidates will actively participate in team meeting, including a daily standup, as well as other more focused information exchange on working meetings.
  • Candidates will be expected to continuously learn new skills to stay abreast of industry trends, security concerns, etc.   This will be part of the mentoring and knowledge sharing for the team to build up each other’s capability and awareness and continuously improve the team.
  • Candidates will strive to deliver on their committed timelines in support of the software life cycle from development and unit testing, through alpha and beta system testing, and acceptance testing ultimately to production deployment and support. 


  • Experience in developing software to support mobile service provider systems and architecture, specifically eSIM related components and protocols including SMDP+, HLR, DES, Diameter Protocol, and more
  • Experience building a public cloud SAAS platform including security, scale, disaster recovery, resiliency and reliability, high performance, and unique data residency requirements.
  • Experience with multi-cloud approaches with AWS, GCP, Azure, and others to minimize cost and vendor lock-in with tools such as terraforming to dynamically scale and relocate systems throughout the design, development, testing and operation of the web-based applications and infrastructure as code
  • Experience with JSON/Rest, SOAP, XML and other remote API usage
  • Candidates should be familiar and experienced with secure coding practices in the AWS environment.
  • Candidates should have solid experience with Jira, Git, Docker, Jenkins, and other Dev/Ops tools.
  • This is primarily a *nix environment.
  • Experience working in a highly collaborative team.
  • A computer science degree and/or similar and relevant experience required
  • MUST be fluent in written and spoken English. Fluency in other languages is also
    desirable as 10T Tech is a global company with customers and partners around the
  • A computer science degree and/or similar and relevant experience required

*Must be a Malaysian citizen or have the right to work in Malaysia.

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