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No SQL Database Specialist/MEAN Stack Architect

Kuala Lumpur

No SQL Database Specialist/MEAN Stack Architect
21st November 2022 10T Tech Careers
10T Tech Careers
In Careers, Kuala Lumpur

10T Tech is hiring a senior database specialist and software engineer based in Kuala Lumpur to support a growing Agile MEAN stack development team in the AWS cloud environment.

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10T Tech is an innovation leader who is delivering cutting-edge eSIM solutions to a global customer base. eSIM is set to revolutionize the way Mobile Operators acquire new customers and allow Mobile Operators to deliver truly digital customer experiences.

Do you understand modern cloud-based architectures and rapid agile development practices? If so, then help us build the software that is powering the eSIM revolution.

Job description

  • Candidates will work to enhance database performance at a large scale and increase reliability, redundancy, and availability. Using “big-data” strategies to enhance user experience while optimizing AWS costs will be of critical importance.


  • Candidates should be familiar and experienced with database security, potentially interfacing with Amazon HSM for critical data elements.
  • Candidates should ideally have solid experience with Jira, Git, Docker, Jenkins, and other Dev/Ops tools, as well as experience with the MEAN stack.
  • Extensive familiarity with Linux operating system administration. This is primarily a *nix environment. 
  • Experience engineering and/or administering NoSQL infrastructure. 
  • Proficient with Database products such as DynamoDB, MongoDB, etc. 
  • Proficient with installing, configuring, administering, using, and benchmarking NoSQL solutions. 
  • Knowledgeable in designing, developing & documenting use cases.
  • Proficient with common developer toolsets such as Java, Javascript, XML, JSON, REST, Shell, Perl etc
  • Candidates should have experience working in a highly collaborative team.  The DB specialist will advise and support other developers or development teams and work with them to meet performance targets as well as work on development tasks in various projects throughout the year.
  • A computer science degree and/or similar and relevant experience required

*Must be a Malaysian citizen or have the right to work in Malaysia.

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