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International Roaming with eSIM

International Roaming with eSIM
22nd November 2022 10T Tech Team
10T Tech Team

Author: Michael Poffenberger

With Apple’s recent US launch of eSIM only iPhone 14s, eSIM is transforming from a “coming development” to a “current reality”. And while operators outside of the US may feel like they have a short reprieve before having to implement eSIM, the reality is that there is a real opportunity to create new and preserve existing international roaming revenues by implementing eSIM today. While the US’s eSIM only iPhone 14s are a great reason to implement eSIM support for international roaming, the benefits extend far beyond just these devices. Here are just a few of the opportunities and benefits of offering eSIM enabled international roaming to any and all eSIM capable devices:

  • Support international roaming for US iPhone 14 customers. eSIM is the only option for supporting international roaming for these devices.
  • No need to distribute or keep track of physical SIMs
    • Invaluable for those international roaming customers who don’t want to queue at a kiosk or wait for a SIM card to show up in the mail
    • Less cost to the operator:
      • Does away with physical SIM cards expense
      • Eliminates the need for physical locations for SIM card distribution and activation
  • Simplified profile downloading and activation
    • Step off the plane / boat / train and simply scan a QR code to download a new profile and start international roaming in seconds.
    • Download international roaming profiles via a(n) app / website / from a text link
  • eSIM allows for the use of more than one profile simultaneously
    • One eSIM for home and one for the place you are visiting at the same time
    • For the heavy international roamer, there is often the ability to store 8 or more profiles on a single device.

eSIM provides more security for the international roamer than physical SIM since eSIM cannot be removed from the device:

  • Aids recovery of a phone that is lost or stolen
  • eSIM also provides an additional layer of protection against Port Out scams

In summary, eSIM provides a massive opportunity to simplify and accelerate international roaming not just for US iPhone 14s, but for all eSIM capable devices. Come talk to 10T Tech about how to get started with eSIM to supercharge your international roaming business. Our expertise in providing the most advanced eSIM solutions, in a hosted environment, with our pay as you go / use model can you have you up and running in production with eSIM in less than 2 weeks.

eSIM “international roaming” made simple with 10T Tech!

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