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TIMWETECH and 10T Tech Forge Global Partnership to Revolutionize eSIM Orchestration and Digital Subscriber Experience

TIMWETECH and 10T Tech Forge Global Partnership to Revolutionize eSIM Orchestration and Digital Subscriber Experience
27th September 2023 10T Tech Team
10T Tech Team
In Press Release

TIMWETECH, a renowned global leader in digital platforms and transformation solutions for mobile carriers, and 10T Tech, a leading provider of cutting-edge eSIM ecosystem solutions, are excited to announce a strategic partnership that aims to usher in a new era of eSIM orchestration. This collaboration is set to empower mobile carriers with next-generation capabilities, supporting the development of innovative customer acquisition, support and digital user experience use cases while seamlessly delivering upon the promise of the eSIM revolution.

The partnership between TIMWETECH and 10T Tech will focus on the development of comprehensive and innovative digital packaged solutions for end-to-end eSIM orchestration at both the mobile device and network levels. By seamlessly integrating their respective expertise, both companies are committed to delivering innovative digital customer acquisition, support and user experiences to consumers and mobile carriers alike.

“We are thrilled to join forces with 10T Tech to bring forth a game-changing end-to-end eSIM acquisition, onboarding and orchestration solution,” said Loh John Wu, Senior Vice President, Sales of TIMWETECH. “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empower mobile carriers worldwide with cutting-edge technology, allowing them to offer seamless digital experiences to their customers.”

Fredric Liljestroem, CEO of 10T Tech, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our partnership with TIMWETECH exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation. This partnership creates the ability to support and create new business models based on Digital Experiences, Digital Platforms and eSIM capabilities with the end result being the delivery of the best possible results for consumers and mobile carriers alike.”

The combined capability will be available to customers of both TIMWETECH and 10T Tech in Q4 2023. This timeframe will enable mobile carriers to prepare themselves to thrive in an eSIM-only industry, positioning them as pioneers in the digital era.

About TIMWETECH: TIMWETECH is a globally recognized leader in providing digital platforms and transformation solutions for mobile carriers. With a strong focus on innovation and customer-centricity, TIMWETECH empowers businesses to enhance their digital offerings and embrace future technologies proactively.

About 10T Tech: 10T Tech is a leading provider of state-of-the-art eSIM ecosystem solutions, enabling businesses to leverage the potential of eSIM technology. By delivering cutting-edge solutions, 10T Tech has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and leading innovator in the eSIM industry.

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